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You need to complete only few steps to take part in the recruitment process for your dream job.

Select the job offer you like

Provide the best answers you can

There are video questions too!

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Track the progress

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1) Why is there a possibility to create an account if it is not required to send the application?
Setting up the account help recruiters to match all your sent applications with you. Thus, they are able to propose the best job opportunities that meet your expectations. It is recommended that you use an account if you plan to participate in several recruitment processes.

2) Can I use my linkedIn account to log in?
Yes. You can log in to Traballo with your linkedIn account or create a new account from scratch.

3) Am I able to delete my account in any time?
Yes. You can delete your account. Just open your profile details and submit "Delete your account".

4) How long do you store my applications?
Applications are stored for one-year period.

5) What could I expect in the job application form to be asked for
You could be asked to provide:
- video answers
- text answers
- CV file
- salary expectations and your notice period
- email and phone number

6) How do I know that I am able to provide video answers with my device?
You could test your device anytime you like. As a result, you would know whether your software and hardware work correctly. In case of any issues you could use your smartphone.

7) My camera does not work. Could I participate in recruitment process anyway?
In case of any technical difficilties, please send us information. You can expect professional assist if needed and recruiter could reach you directly. We will find the solution.

8) Are there any time boxed questions?
No. You can take your time!

9) Could I expect the feedback after the recruitment process even if my application is not shortlisted?
Yes, we pay attention to track all the applications and we believe that quality feedback is a crucial part of each process.